Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Whoops #1)  Announcing a new blog and twitter account - then not touching them for two whole weeks.
Whoops #2)  Not being strict about the rest schedule at weekends.
Whoops #3)  Travelling to and from Bradford for a full day's conference/training.  It was utterly brilliant and fascinating, but exhausting.
Whoops #4)  Following up the training day with a day's rest, a day's cleaning, then three days of my parents' company in my own home.   (NB I love my parents dearly, and enjoy their company.  It was a wonderful few days, but I overdid things anyway.)

If nothing else, the last week and a half has really brought home the importance of being consistent with the rest and energy regime.  Consistency is not my forte, but I will have to learn it, and make it so, if I really want to improve long term, or I can see that I will simply feel better for a while, then relapse...  feel better for a while, then relapse.

The biggest concern I have with this are the big trade shows I attend for work.  I'm definitely scheduled in for one large one and one smaller next year, with applications in for two more 'biggies'.  Will I be well enough to account for such exceptional events, or am I just shooting myself in the foot?


  1. regarding the big shows. Aim for the sky, but pack parachutte(helpers and volunteers, and possibley extra days in the hotel after)

  2. Provided they are not all in the same week and you pace yourself you should be fine! Meanwhile rest when you can and work when you can.

  3. Hmm ... you can't NOT do the trade shows at this stage in the business; and you can't do the trade shows and then not be able to deliver on any orders due to being tired out! Have fun walking the tightrope! I think 'pack parachute' is excellent advice - rope in friends, relatives, partners, anyone who fancies a day out a trade show (actually I should think quite a few would!) ... probably wouldn't recommend roping in the dogs, although I bet they'd be a draw to the stand!