Tuesday, 15 November 2011

One week in.

It's been one whole week now since I saw the occupational therapist.  I'm slowly building a habit of resting three times a day - though I'm not sure I'm always staying awake.  It can be hard to tell, with meditation CDs.

Today I have been unfocussed, itchy-in-the-brain.  I have paid work to do which requires thinking, and I haven't quite managed to get stuck in.  But then, I've been having a rough time recently, so maybe I'm just building up the energy required to do the actual, you know, thinking thing again.  I still have a rough time remembering that thinking requires energy, and that I can deplete myself just by concentrating for too long.


  1. I couldn't stand the meditation CDs. :) I tend to stick on Radio 3 or my favourite Bach cello suites.

    Thinking really does require energy. Reading I find particularly hard. I used to read all the time, novels for relaxation. Now I hardly do because it's too taxing. I miss it. :( And it made finishing my MA in English very hard work.

  2. Hmm how often do you go to see them? and is a meditation cd not classed as cognitive?